Ginger Growing

Space is scarce in Singapore and to be able to grow some gingers at our doorstep is a blessing.
So, how did we do?


We found a fish tank and frame. We used the upper level for ginger growing and lower level for some guppies.

We bought a fiberglass tank cos is more durable and filled with clay pebbles.

Why clay pebbles? They are perfect cos it ensures good root aeration as it does not compact over time and prevents many soil-borne insect pests. It can be used as a top dressing to prevent moisture loss and evaporation.

We then create our own auto watering system by connecting it to a 24 hour timer.  It will water 20 mins every hour daily.
That’s it! No Fuss. We don’t even need to change the water at all.

We cut away all the leaves. Put some back to the pebbles for more gingers and these are what we left after giving some to our lovely neighbors 😊

Taste? I ate it raw (hahaha…) & I love it 😍
It is fresh, slight more spicy than what we bought from market and its ORGANIC !!!

We are most happy to share our experience.  Just comment and let us know.
I will share more about our bitter gourd growing in my next blog.

Happy growing










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