Grow Your Own Food At Home

We used to visit our aunt in Malaysia and brought back her homegrown vegetables.  It’s a joy seeing vegetables growing and harvest and we wanted to experience that in Singapore.

We came to know about Hydroponics in 2017 and been growing our own vegetables since then.  Growing common leafy vegetables like caixin, kang kong, pak choy and others for our own consumption.  We also grow fruiting vegetables like cucumbers, tomatoes, lady fingers, bitter gourd, ginger (?? fruiting ?) and we are currently growing cauliflower using dutch bucket system.


We customized our living room space (under window) with 48 holes NFT system to grow leafy vegetables.  So far, we have harvested You Mai Cai, Lettuces, Nai Bai, Cai Xin, Pak Choy using this system.






We love the idea of having fresh, safe homegrown vegetables.  It’s easy & convenience, just cut what you need, rinse and cook 😋




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