Grow Your Own Food At Home

We used to visit our aunt in Malaysia and brought back her homegrown vegetables.  It’s a joy seeing vegetables growing and harvest and we wanted to experience that in Singapore.

We came to know about Hydroponics in 2017 and been growing our own vegetables since then.  Growing common leafy vegetables like caixin, kang kong, pak choy and others for our own consumption.  We also grow fruiting vegetables like cucumbers, tomatoes, lady fingers, bitter gourd, ginger (?? fruiting ?) and we are currently growing cauliflower using dutch bucket system.


We customized our living room space (under window) with 48 holes NFT system to grow leafy vegetables.  So far, we have harvested You Mai Cai, Lettuces, Nai Bai, Cai Xin, Pak Choy using this system.






We love the idea of having fresh, safe homegrown vegetables.  It’s easy & convenience, just cut what you need, rinse and cook 😋





Ginger Growing

Space is scarce in Singapore and to be able to grow some gingers at our doorstep is a blessing.
So, how did we do?


We found a fish tank and frame. We used the upper level for ginger growing and lower level for some guppies.

We bought a fiberglass tank cos is more durable and filled with clay pebbles.

Why clay pebbles? They are perfect cos it ensures good root aeration as it does not compact over time and prevents many soil-borne insect pests. It can be used as a top dressing to prevent moisture loss and evaporation.

We then create our own auto watering system by connecting it to a 24 hour timer.  It will water 20 mins every hour daily.
That’s it! No Fuss. We don’t even need to change the water at all.

We cut away all the leaves. Put some back to the pebbles for more gingers and these are what we left after giving some to our lovely neighbors 😊

Taste? I ate it raw (hahaha…) & I love it 😍
It is fresh, slight more spicy than what we bought from market and its ORGANIC !!!

We are most happy to share our experience.  Just comment and let us know.
I will share more about our bitter gourd growing in my next blog.

Happy growing











Lunar New Year Planting

Lunar New Year Coming !!

It’s a tradition in Lunar New Year (or maybe only mine 😃) to grow this for Prosperity year ahead (only know the dialect name 🤦‍♀️, if you know please comment below. Thanks!).

First time using Smart Garden to grow. Remove the cover and place it on the vermiculite (shown in photos).

Will update again with more leafy photos, I hope 😃🤞


12 Days Iceland Road Trip

12-days road trip round Iceland in a motorhome is convenient. However, do take note of the hidden cost which is the propane gas canister used for cooking and heating water and the car.

Also, though campsites might claim to be open all year round, some facilities might not be open such as water for motorhome and showering facilities. By open, they usually mean that there will be an employee heading down at a designated time to collect the cost of accommodation from you.

Many campsites are closed during the winter because the weather cannot accommodate a motorhome eg water pipe might burst if not turned off. Weather conditions especially wind speed and icy road conditions do not favour the size of a motorhome making such a choice of vehicle very restrictive in terms of diversity of activities available. This is despite the use of winter tyres.

Thus, in winter, a 4×4 vehicle is a better choice as it allows you to go onto a variety of road conditions despite the harsh and unpredictable weather conditions hence giving you more options.

Another option to cater to those who would prefer to have a toilet with them on-the-go considering the long roads would be a smaller camper-van that has a composite toilet and bed with a camping gas stove for cooking.


Unpredictable Weather in Iceland

We were supposed to travel East to Egilsstadir (Capital of East) to camp for the night before travelling to North to their next biggest city, Akureyri.

However, we met a kind gentleman (our angel as he was there waiting for us) who advised us to either stop driving, or turn back, as there was a storm building up along the route we were taking.

At that time, the wind was blowing at about 30m/s, twice the recommended safe speed of about 15m/s. Hence, we decided to take a U-take and camp at Hofn I Hornafirdi instead.

In hindsight, heading back was a great decision as we ran out of propane gas to heat up our motorhome and water to cook for the night at the same time, both of which could be refilled FOC at the petrol station right opposite the campsite.

The next day, weather was extremely good so we continue our journey towards East Iceland. As we retraced our route, we were pleasantly surprised to see that the landscape has transformed from one that’s bare and grassy to one that’s covered with a fresh layer of white snow.

A night of snow!!