Common Hydroponics Misconception & Myths

Here are some commonly asked hydroponics myths and misconceptions.


Q1. What is the content in hydroponics nutrient? Is it chemical?
A1. Chemical is in our everyday items like our salt, sugar, water etc. Minerals in hydroponics nutrients are essential for plants growth. These minerals are present in soil-based farming too. Plants will absorb these minerals from soil. If it’s not present in soil, fertilizer will be added to plant. In general, plants absorb nutrients from water is the same way as they absorb from soil but easier.  The main minerals that plants need are Nitrate, Phosphorus, Potassium, Magnesium & Calcium.

Q2. Is the LED grow light harmful to our eyes? Any infra or UV ray?
A2. Study has shown that plants grow well within the wavelength of 450-660 nm (visible ray) thus LED lights are mostly within these range. Infra and UV ray are outside these range. Of course, we do not encourage direct and prolong staring at the light.

Q3. Hydroponics is difficult and for experts only
A3. Hydroponics is easy for everyone, with or without farming experience. There are various setup from beginners to commercial cater to different needs. Once the setup is up and running, not much human intervention is needed.

Q4. Hydroponics is expensive
A4. Depending on the scale of setup, a kit can be available for less than $20. Using reusable growing media such as LECA balls help to balance the costs.

Q5. Is Hydroponics technique more prone to mosquitoes breeding?
A5. Water is used as a medium to transfer nutrient to plants. Always get water direct from tap, and keep the air pump or water pump switch on. These should keep mosquitoes out. However, it’s a good practice to check water regularly and change when necessary.  Try to change water before 11am or after 7pm as water temperature will affect growth.

Q6. Vegetables grown using hydroponics have less nutritional value compared to soil-based
A6. As long as the plants have the required minerals, it will create vitamins, enzymes and amino acids like soil-based plants.

Q7. Vegetables will taste slightly bitter using Hydroponics?
A7. Due to the nutrients intake.  3 days before harvest, EITHER top up with water only OR change water without adding nutrient. Please refer to above for timing to change water.

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