108 holes NFT Hydroponics System Round PVC Pipe Water pump

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Grow your veggie indoor vertical hydroponics system come with water pump
Auto watering system using timer-control. Just top up water when low
Expandable. Add-on when ready to grow more vegetables.

English instruction guide provided.

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Download a copy of instruction guide for 108 holes hydroponics kit


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NFT Hydroponic Growing System
This hydroponic system produces high-quality vegetables and herbs because oxygenated water and nutrients are delivered directly to the roots.
It is especially suitable for indoor. Easy assembled and more convenient. Space-saving and time-saving

Package Content:

1. 1 pc *Water pump with tube.(Qmax 160L/h, Hmax 0-150cm, 12Vdc, size:36x36x25mm)
2. 1pc water level indicator
3. 1pc tweezer
4. 108 pcs net pots and sponge
5. 1pc tank (20 L) with top cover (Colour: Grey)
6. 1small packet of leafy green vegetables seeds
7. 1bottle of 120ml hydroponics nutrient


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