12 Hole Hydroponics Vegetables Plant Garden Grow Kit. Air Pump, Sponges, Led Lights, Nutrient, Seeds.

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Grow your own vegetables, herbs at home with hydroponics. Farm to table at its shortest time, keeping vegetables’ nutrient and freshness to the max. Moreover, it is safe and pesticide-free.

Our 12 hole hydroponics grow kit comes with 120ml hydroponics concentrated nutrient and a packet of leafy green seeds as complimentary. Start your hydroponics journey immediately once you received our kit.

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<Tank Specification>
Material: PP
Color: Grey
Size (L x W x H): 41cm x 27cm x 14cm
Top Cover with Holes: 12 holes

<Air Pump Specification>
Power Input: 220-240V 2.5W (Europe 2-pin plug)
Pressure: 0.018Mpa
Capacity: 1.8L/min

Standard Package Content [WITHOUT LED Grow Light] :
1. Plastic Box (Water Tank 10 L) x 1pc
2. Water level indicator x 1pc
3. 12pcs Net Pot
4. 12pcs Sponge
5. Air Pump x 1pc
6. Silicon hose + air stone x 1set
7. Tweezer x 1pc
8. Leafy vegetable seeds x 1pkt (complimentary)
9. 120ml hydroponics nutrient (complimentary)

With LED Grow Light Package:
1. Standard Package Content (as above)
2. 16W T8 LED Grow Light, Length 600mm (Red & White combination) x 2pcs
3. Europe 2-pin plug x 1pc
4. Cable Tie x 4pcs
5. Clip Holder x 4pcs (inside LED light box)
6. LED Light Stand x 1 set (2pcs 17cm, 2pcs 33cm, 4pcs 25cm, 4pcs pole connectors)

1-MONTH Local seller warranty for AIR PUMP against manufacturer defects only
Carry-in to repair center @ No 38 AMK Industrial Park 2

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Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 41 × 28 × 15 cm

12 hole kit only, 12H+LEDLights+Stand, 12H[Basic] + LEDLights + Stand


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