5 Hole Indoor Hydroponic Plant Vegetables Growing Kit with Trellis. Fruited Seeds & Nutrient Incl.

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This system is perfect for growing taller crops such as tomatoes.

The Bubble tub utilizes the Deep Water Culture (DWC) hydroponic plant growing method. DWC hydroponics provides plants with highly oxygenated and nutrient-enriched water directly to the root zone increasing plant growth and speeding plant development by 3 to 5 times!

This Bubble Tub system grows up to 5 plants at once and is greatly beneficial for growing your own herbs, flowers, and vegetables or salad greens such as Lettuce. The Bubble Tub system is made from food-safe materials.


  • Material: Plastic
  • Color: Grey
  • Size:41cm x 27cm x 14cm
  • Top Cover with Holes: 5 holes

Air Pump

  • Power Input: 220-240V 2.5W
  • Pressure: 0.018Mpa
  • Capacity: 1.8L/min



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Download a copy of instruction guide for 5 hole planting kit


Video Guide – Prepare sponges to germinate seeds

Video Guide – Setup of air pump

Video Guide – Final setup after seeds germinated

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Features and Benefits

The Bubble Tub system grows plants 3-5 times faster than plants grown in soil Plants can be harvest after 4-8 weeks according to climate and vegetable types. The box and planting basket are made from injection-molded PP and are food safe. The buoy help to detect the nutrient solution level for quick indication of when to add more water.

Can be used indoor or outdoor.
No dirty soil.
Suitable for balcony, office, gardens or kitchen bench tops.

NOTE** Colour of the kit is light grey.

What’s Included
1 x Hydroponic Grow Box;
1 x Air Pump;
1 x Air line and air stone;
1 x Water level indicator and bush;
5 x Planting net pots;
5 x Sponges;
1 x Tweezer.

Additional information

Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 41 × 28 × 15 cm
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