Indoor Hydroponics Smart Garden for Leafy Green Vegetables, Herbs, Microgreens. LED grow lights, Low Water Sensor. Ideal Gift

$59.90 including GST

Experience the joy of growing and consuming your own herbs and veggie. Its safe, organic and fresh. All within your house compound. With LED grow light, growing makes easy. Excellent education kit for urban children.  FREE zoom workshops for limited period only.

Give it a try today and feel the difference.

Benefit of Smart Indoor Garden:
1. Easy to use
2. No need to water daily : Auto Water Level System will remind you when water is low
3. It Beautiful & Clean : No soil = No Dirt = No mess
4. Grow Anywhere : Comes with LED grow light

Package Content:
1 x 1.5L container,
2 x Planting Pots with Vermiculite, 4pcs absorbent sticks, base paper
1 x LED Grow light (white & red combination),
1 x safety mark UK 3-pin Power Adaptor,
1x complimentary lettuce seed  (not applicable for overseas delivery),
1x complimentary 25ml fertilizer (not applicable for overseas delivery)


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Download the instruction guide for Indoor Smart Garden :
Microgreens Instruction Guide using GL-010 Smart Garden

GL-010 Smart Garden Video Guide V1.0

Common FAQ (Please feel free to message me if your questions not listed here):
Q1. What plug is provided?
A1: Comes with Safety Mark UK 3-plug power adaptor

Q2: How much fertilizer I need to add?
A2: Add 25ml fertilizer into the water when first started. Subsequently, after 2-3 times of full water top up about 500-600ml of water depending on growth. If growth is slow, add fertilizer more frequent.

Q3: Do I need to change water?
A3: When necessary. Add 25ml fertilizer after every change of water

Q4: Do I need to change vermiculite?
A4: Change vermiculite when you want to grow new seeds.

Q5: How many seeds to sow?
A5: About 2-3 seeds per hole.

Q6: Do I have to switch on the LED light whole day?
A5: LED grow light can set to auto mode with 16 hours on and 8 hours off.

Q7: My home has good sunlight, do I still need to switch on LED light?
A7: If the plants can get direct and good sunlight then its ok NOT to switch on LED.

Q8: How many plants can I grow per garden?
A8: Smart garden comes with 2 planting pot. 1 type of plant per pot maximum

Q9: How many times can I harvest?
A9: As long as you just trim the leaves, with fertilizer and LED grow lights, the plants can continue to grow.

Additional information

Weight 1.3 kg
Dimensions 39 × 15 × 13 cm
controlled item

No complimentary seeds and fertilizer for overseas delivery


No. Thank you, Zoom Workshop (1hr)


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